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Detailing the attractive nuisance doctrine

California’s perpetually pleasant weather allows you and your family access to outdoor activities all throughout the year. For your kids, that can mean endless swimming, hiking and exploring. Like most parents in Pomona, you no doubt encourage such activities, yet also worry about your kids’ safety while engaged in them. The hope is that they will exercise sound judgment (or that others will account for their lack of it when you are not around). Sadly, many parents have come to us here at The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt when that has not happened questioning what (if any) legal recourse is available to them.

How can dog owners be more responsible?

Dogs offer much joy and contentment to their owners' lives. To repay these gifts, dog owners must take the right steps to ensure their canines remain happy and healthy. Protecting others from dog attacks is a component of proper care since a dog bite will not only affect the victim but also the animal. In this case, The Spruce offers the following tips to dog owners. 

Defining the "duty of care"

Many in Pomona often only consider premises liability cases through certain perspectives (e.g. slip-and-fall cases, animal attack cases). While these perspectives might be helpful if the circumstances of your case fall within them, they might make it difficult for you to determine if you the grounds for a claim in other (more general) scenarios. Here at Amendt Law, many often ask us if legal recourse is available to them under premises liability law. If you share the same question, we offer the same response to you: did the property owner in your case fulfill their duty of care? 

Falls the leading cause of fatal, nonfatal injury among seniors

While there are certain hazards that can make just about anyone in California fall and hurt his or herself, today’s older Americans face an especially high risk of suffering a serious injury due to a fall. At the Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt, we recognize that factors including slippery floors, dimly lit interiors and uneven pavement pose threats to everyone, but that older Americans may be less likely than younger ones to be able to easily avoid these and other obstructions.

How common are amusement park accidents?

It is no secret that California has its share of tourism draws, and for many people, visiting one of the state’s numerous amusement parks is a great way to kick back and relax with friends and family. Regrettably, though, accidents that result in injuries are surprisingly common at many of these attractions, and they can place a serious damper on an otherwise enjoyable visit.

Are liability waivers enforceable in California?

Many factors contribute to California being a mecca for those looking for diversion. The state's many amusements and theme parks, its association with the entertainment industry, its consistently moderate climate, and its unique geography allow it to offer any sort of activity you want. Yet yours and your family's participation in many of the activities offered in the state may be contingent on you signing a liability waiver. The general assumption is that once you have signed a liability waiver, the party it protects is absolved of any responsibility for accidents that you or one of your family members may suffer. Yet is that really the case? 

The complex issue of defective sidewalk injuries

California residents typically enjoy the mild temperatures by getting outside. Completing errands on foot provides the opportunity to save gas and reduce the carbon footprint. Uneven, cracked or damaged paved walkways can be hazardous to those using them. If a pedestrian sustains an injury by tripping or falling while on the sidewalk, who is liable?

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