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You Need Reliable Transportation Following A Car Accident

In the weeks and months following a collision, you will likely have doctor’s appointments, scheduled surgeries and therapy sessions. Medical treatment costs significant amounts of money, costs that should be passed on to the at-fault party.

Just as there was damage to you following the car accident, there was likely damage to your car and other property. The at-fault party owes you compensation for these losses as well, and a skilled personal injury lawyer will fight to maximize the compensation you receive to account for these losses.

Compensation For All Of Your Losses Following A Truck Or Car Accident

If your car or truck was damaged in a motor vehicle accident, you are entitled to compensation for loss of use while your car is being repaired or replaced. A rental car is often available.

With the help of Christian Amendt, you can recover compensation for all of your losses following an accident.

Pomona Personal Injury Lawyer Helping The Injured

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