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How dangerous is a jackknifed semitruck?

A semitruck jackknifing on the freeway is one of the most hazardous scenarios motorists can encounter while driving. When a truck jackknifes, its driver loses control of both the cab and the trailer of the big rig to the peril of all in close proximity on the road.

What this happens, the cab of the semi moves in one direction while the trailer simultaneously moves in another. Typically, the semitruck winds up in a sort of "V" or "L" shape on the road. Think of the shape of a folding pocket knife in its downward position and you have a good idea of how a jackknifed semi appears.

Car versus overloaded big rig is a seriously uneven match

Compared to your sedan, an 18-wheeler is a behemoth. If the truck is overloaded with cargo, the driver may not have complete control of the vehicle. If a crash occurs between your car and the big rig, you and your vehicle will probably not fare well.

Why overloading occurs

Serious crash on Interstate 15 sends 2 vehicles down embankment

Four people were hospitalized after a recent crash on Interstate 15 in Wildomar, which is near Temecula in Riverside County. Three of them, including a child who was ejected from one of the vehicles, reportedly suffered major injuries.

The crash that sent two vehicles rolling down an embankment off the freeway occurred on the afternoon on Sept. 12. The vehicles ended up in a neighborhood. One came to rest in someone's yard.

Theme and water parks can put you at risk or injury or death

The Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) estimates that just under 350 million individuals visit theme parks in the United States each year. Another 85 million visit water parks. While virtually every one of these venues has an in-house crew that regularly inspects equipment for safety, accidents still occur.

According to the IAAPA, the risk of a amusement park visitor suffering a serious injury that will land them in a hospital overnight is one in 24 million. Another study conducted by the Nationwide Children's Hospital found that an average of just under 4,500 children are seen each year in emergency rooms for injuries they suffer at theme or water parks.

How much does it cost to have a funeral?

A loved one dies in a car accident. As the family gathers to grieve together, financial questions are the farthest thing from your mind. The cost of the ordeal seems trivial compared to what was truly lost.

As time goes by, though, you realize the true impact of those costs. The person who passed away was the family's main breadwinner, and that income is now gone. They got medical treatment before passing away, including an airlift to the hospital, and that is not cheap. On top of all that, there is the cost of the funeral itself. How much should your family expect to pay?

How to safely report a suspected drunk driver

The next time you hit the road in California, you might wind up coming across a suspected drunk driver. This can be a scary situation for even the most experienced drivers. You might feel helpless and even frightened that you could be involved in an accident with said driver. Following are some tips for safely reporting a suspected drunk driver.

The first thing you need to know is how to spot the signs of a possible drunk driver. These will include any of the following:

  • Swerving
  • Excessive braking
  • Late turns
  • Straddling the center or shoulder lines
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Not responding correctly to traffic lights
  • Making inappropriate stops in traffic

How to handle an abandoned property in your neighborhood

No matter where you go in California, it seems like every neighborhood has at least one abandoned property. These properties can cause property values to decrease and even lead to serious injuries. Most abandoned properties are not maintained, which means there will be tall grass, dangerous items and even rot or decay of the home. Here's how to handle an abandoned property in your neighborhood in Pomona.

The first thing you should never do is trespass on the property. Not only are you putting yourself at risk for an injury, you are also limiting your chances of receiving compensation from a premises liability claim since you went on the property without consent from the property owner.

The basics you need to know about whiplash

Car accidents occur every day, and the most common injury victims can expect to experience is whiplash. In the United States, over two million individuals suffer from whiplash and require medical attention. 

In a car crash, your head and neck violently jerk forward and then backward. As a result, damage can occur to the soft tissue and underlying bone structure. However, the incident can also result in a whiplash-associated disorder, which is a more long-term problem with wide-ranging consequences. It is vital for auto accident victims to promptly seek medical attention to begin treatment for whiplash. 

How can you increase your visibility when riding motorcycles?

If you're a Pomona resident who likes to ride your motorcycle, you may hesitate to don your leather protective gear when the sun is at its zenith during the hottest months of the year.

While leather jackets, chaps and other accessories provide protection to motorcyclists' vulnerable body parts, there's no question that they can be stifling to wear in warm weather. Also, black leather gear doesn't give bikers the visibility they need to remain safer while riding.

Can I sue a property owner after a slip-and fall?

Many people consider slips, trips and falls to be mere annoyances that result from a person's clumsiness or lack of awareness. They are surprised to learn that falls are third on the list of causes of unintentional injury-related fatalities.

In fact, in the year 2015, approximately 34,000 individuals died because of falls both in and out of their homes.

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