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Five tips to avoid swimming pool accidents

The weather is hot and humid. All you, your kids, friends and/or family want to do is bask in the water; particularly in the pool, but swimming pools are dangerous, especially for kids if certain precautions are left unchecked.

Swimming pools are an “attractive nuisance.” An attractive nuisance is an appealing object that presents danger to the child that encounters it. The law states a landowner can be held liable for injuries sustained to a trespassing child if it occurs on their land. Examples of other attractive nuisances are trampolines, random machinery, wells and tunnels, stairs and potentially dangerous animals.

Are there different types of spinal cord injuries?

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can cause massive amounts of damage. Spinal cord injuries are just one type of damage that may occur, and these can have devastating consequences depending on the severity of the injuries. The Mayo Clinic explains the different types of spinal injuries and their effects. 

Damage to different parts of your spinal cord can have vastly different effects. This is often expressed in levels of injuries and completeness. A complete injury is one that causes a total loss of sensation and mobility in the area beneath where the injury occurred. Conversely, a person with an incomplete injury will retain some function and sensation. The level of function retained typically depends on how serious the damage to the spine actually is. 

How can dog owners be more responsible?

Dogs offer much joy and contentment to their owners' lives. To repay these gifts, dog owners must take the right steps to ensure their canines remain happy and healthy. Protecting others from dog attacks is a component of proper care since a dog bite will not only affect the victim but also the animal. In this case, The Spruce offers the following tips to dog owners. 

All dogs should be spayed and neutered. Not only does this reduce the pet population, and in turn prevent dogs from being needlessly euthanized, it can also make for a more well-behaved animal. Dogs that aren't fixed are more likely to try to escape to find a mate. They may also be more aggressive. This is especially true with male dogs, who often fight with others for the affections of a female in heat. 

Know the warning signs of an attractive nuisance

This is not dating advice. In fact, despite having one of the more amusing names in legal literature, attractive nuisances have had some very unfunny consequences. Every homeowner and every parent should take a moment to consider the long-standing and important legal doctrine of the attractive nuisance.

Losing hope after a motorcycle crash

There are many consequences that may come into the lives of motorcycle accident victims, whether they suffer brain trauma, have a hard time with financial issues or become seriously hurt. All of these hardships can cause some motorcycle crash victims to lose hope and feel like giving up. Unfortunately, this can make their lives even harder and get in the way of their ability to recover.

Motorcycle crashes can be absolutely devastating, especially since motorcyclists are so vulnerable compared to those riding in larger vehicles. When a motorcyclist is struck by a car or a truck, they may be seriously injured and lose the ability to walk or continue working.

How can drivers ensure back to school safety?

With August right around the corner, many parents and kids are looking forward to the upcoming school year. This means it's a great time to talk to your kids about being safe when walking to and from school. Drivers must also keep in mind the role they play in pedestrian safety, especially when traveling through school zones. In this case, the National Safety Council offers the following back to school tips. 

School bus safety is a must for drivers. No matter where you live, it's illegal to pass a school bus that has deployed its stop arm. If you're following a bus, keep a greater distance than you would normally with other vehicles. School buses make numerous stops, many of which appear suddenly. If you're coming from the opposite direction, don't attempt to pass or circumvent the stop before the stop arm is deployed. Kids can be unpredictable and you don't want to injure a person just because you're in a hurry. 

Operating a different type of vehicle and the risk of a crash

There are many different behaviors which can lead to a motor vehicle crash, such as someone choosing to get behind the wheel after having one too many or a driver paying no attention to speed limits. However, there are less obvious risks and examples of dangerous driving, which may not receive very much attention. For example, inexperienced drivers may pose risks to themselves and others, and even someone who has been driving for many years may be inexperienced in certain ways when they get behind the wheel of a different type of vehicle.

Someone who has driven a small vehicle for many years may have difficulty adjusting to a much larger vehicle, such as a van or a truck. Likewise, someone who is used to driving in a very large vehicle may struggle to adjust to how different it is to get behind the wheel of a very small vehicle. There are all sorts of reasons why people drive different types of vehicles, whether they borrow a friend’s car for the day, rent a car while on vacation or purchase a new vehicle.

How can I ride my bicycle safely at night?

While it's much safer to ride a bicycle during the day, some riders travel the streets at night for many different reasons. In this case, you must take the proper safety steps to protect yourself, as there is a very real chance that you won't be seen by other motorists. Cleveland Clinic offers the following information to keep bicyclists safe and secure no matter what. 

Bike lights are key for nighttime riding. Even if you don the proper reflective safety gear, which you should at all times, you must go the extra mile by outfitting your bicycle with the proper lighting system. Lights should be affixed to the front and rear of the bike and should be bright enough to signal your presence in extreme low-light situations. Along with reflective gear, choose lighter colored clothing when riding at night to further increase visibility. 

7 tips every parent needs to know about pool safety

With the summertime heat, you and your children might find yourselves spending more and more time at a family member’s pool, a friend’s pool or in your own backyard pool. Sadly, in California, drowning remains the leading cause of death for children under the age of five, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

So, if you have a young child, here’s what you need to know about keeping your child safe when a backyard pool is easily accessible.

How can I prevent drowsy driving?

Getting a good night's rest is crucial for your health. It can also prevent serious car accidents from occurring should you become tired behind the wheel. Drowsy driving causes similar impairments as driving while inebriated and can be just as dangerous as a result. That's why the National Safety Council offers the following information on drowsy driving and how it can be avoided. 

Approximately 100,000 car crashes per year involve fatigued driving. Driving while tired causes a range of ill-effects and can have a significant impact on your ability. For instance, driving while tired impairs your ability to react in time to sudden road hazards. This makes you far more likely to experience a crash. Some estimates show that driving while tired actually increases your risk of getting into a wreck up to three times. 

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