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Falls the leading cause of fatal, nonfatal injury among seniors

As an aging American, you may begin to develop certain risk factors as you grow older that make you more likely to fall and suffer a serious injury as a result. Sometimes, home and property owners behave negligently and leave items cluttering aisles or blocking staircases, while in others, they may leave pools of water or other substances collecting on the floor. While such hazards may pose only a minor threat for younger people, who may be able to easily spot and avoid potential obstructions in their paths, older people sometimes struggle to do the same. Their falls can have gravely serious consequences.

Just how often are today’s seniors falling down?

How much money do you need for a funeral?

An unexpected funeral brings with it emotional pain and sorrow, so the cost of that funeral may be the furthest thing from your mind. This is understandable, and grief does come first. However, you cannot fully ignore the cost. It's far more than a lot of people realize, and facing it without a plan in place can be daunting.

For instance, perhaps your spouse was injured in a slip and fall accident in a store. It did not appear serious at first, but it turned out that your spouse had a head injury. That led to bleeding on the brain. He or she passed away a week after the incident.

Should everyone drive a lime yellow car?

You do see lime yellow cars in California, but they are not nearly as common as the black sedans and SUVs that seem to cover the roadways. Even car buyers who don't choose black often go with gray, dark blue or other similar tones.

But would everyone be safer if more people chose lime yellow vehicles? You can make that argument. For decades, researchers have said that fire and rescue vehicles should use lime yellow paint to make them stand out. Remember, they're just focusing on function and safety, not aesthetic appeal. That's the brightest color that stands out the most, so it protects them.

Driverless cars keep crashing, but it's usually minor

Companies like Google, Apple and General Motors are testing out driverless cars constantly as they try to refine the technology. These vehicles do keep getting involved in accidents, but those accidents are often very minor.

According to recent reports, the GM subsidiary Cruise has gotten involved in 51 crashes in California. The Google subsidiary Waymo has gotten involved in 37 crashes. Those are the two with the highest accident totals.

Can Halloween come back to haunt homeowners?

It's almost time for the scariest of seasons — Halloween. Whether you are planning on taking the kids around your Pomona neighborhood for trick-or-treating or will be manning the treat bowl at your own home, there are some things you should know about staying safe on Halloween.

No one wants to end Halloween with a visit to the local emergency room (ER). The following tips could keep both your family and your Halloween visitors safer this year.

Wheelchair accidents in California

Many people in California rely on wheelchairs to navigate throughout their day. Unfortunately, sometimes the negligence of others can cause an accident, which can cause new injuries and aggravate any existing ones.

Generally, a wheelchair accident case proceeds along the same basic lines as other types of personal injury cases and plaintiffs recover the same types of damages. The plaintiff must show the defendant's negligence caused the accident, which resulted in the plaintiff's injuries.

Could safer vehicles allow older drivers more freedom?

When you take away an elderly person's right to drive a car, that individual's freedom will likely be severely curtailed. For many senior citizens, losing their driving privileges marks the end of their being able to live independently.

Age-related changes that make elderly drivers unsafe behind the wheel include failing eyesight, loss of physical capabilities and slower reaction times. However, older drivers tend to be safer because they rarely speed, don't drive after drinking alcohol and wear their seatbelts.

More motorcycle riders prompt more safety accessories

Perhaps you have noticed that there are more motorcycles than ever on Southern California's highways these days. In fact, you may be a motorcycle rider yourself. To help keep motorcyclists upright and accident-free, manufacturers continue to introduce innovative safety features, both for the bikes and the riders themselves.

Safer garments

Do men or women cause more car accidents?

Have you ever wondered if gender has anything to do with car accidents? After all, we look at many other factors: Age, experience, road systems, types of vehicles and much more. These things all can contribute. Does gender play the same role?

Statistics suggest that it does. Per the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA), female drivers cause around 4.4 million car accidents annually. Male drivers, on the other hand, cause about 6.1 million car crashes. This means it is far more common for men to be responsible for these wrecks than women.

What will a day in the hospital really cost you?

You get injured in a car accident when someone else runs you off the road and into the guardrail. It's not your fault, but you are still seriously hurt. You get rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, and then you have a lengthy stay ahead of you.

As soon as you are stable, you start thinking about the serious financial ramifications. You want to know what this incident is going to cost and how to seek compensation.

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