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Heavy travel predicted for upcoming holiday weekend

This upcoming Memorial Day weekend, AAA is predicting that over 5 million California residents will hit the road traveling. This number exceeds last year's projected travel numbers by 5.3 percent and is the highest ever for the holiday widely viewed as the official start of the summer season.

Some may be surprised at the number of residents traveling, given the cost of gas — the highest in four years. But these concerns appear to be offset by the strength of the economy and the higher levels of confidence that consumers currently have here in California.

Who is responsible if I get hurt at a place of business?

When you are out at a restaurant or shopping, the place of business you are patronizing has the responsibility to take care of its premises so that its patrons are safe. That means if there are certain hazardous areas on the premises, or if conditions are such that injuries could occur, the business owner must rectify those situations to ensure that customers and clients are not injured.

If you suffered an injury while in a place of business such as a shop or restaurant, for example by slipping on a slick floor and having a fall, you should not automatically assume that you are at fault and that there is no legal recourse for you. Premises liability is a type of lawsuit that holds a business owner responsible for negligence that led to an injury on the business property. Learn more information about how premises liability may be a factor in your injury case.

Importance of swift storm damage cleanup

With late spring storms, it's important for property owners to conduct swift storm damage cleanup. The quicker you cleanup your property following a storm, the less likely it is that someone visiting will get hurt by the debris. For the most part, you have 24 hours from the end of a storm to cleanup the debris left behind. This should give you plenty of time to make the necessary adjustments to the property if the storm was not catastrophic in the Pomona area.

Business owners and homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of their properties. It doesn't matter how large the property is, or if it is residential or commercial. This is a legal responsibility that could land the property owner in a lot of hot water if someone gets injured.

A pregnant woman is killed in a 4-car crash along the 71 Freeway

A 35-year-old pregnant Ontario woman lost her life in a multicar crash along the Chino Hills portion of the 71 Freeway in a mid-morning crash on Saturday, April 28. The incident occurred just before 9:56 a.m., in between the Butterfield Ranch Road and Pine Avenue exits.

Crash scene investigators with the California Highway Patrol have initially concluded that the driver of a BMW 740 failed to reduce his speed as cars in front of him began coming to a halt in heavy traffic along the freeway. According to investigators, he struck the pregnant decedent's stopped Hyundai Elantra in the rear as a result.

Tips for choosing the best wet floor sign for your company

Running a company comes with responsibilities you could never imagine. For example, you might be tasked with finding wet floor signs to display after mopping, cleaning or a spill. These signs are very important and every property should have at least one of them. They warn visitors about the danger of slipping on a wet floor. Having this sign present reduces your liability should someone suffer an injury on your property in California.

Any wet floor sign you purchase for your company should utilize a color that enhances its visibility. That's why most of the signs you see are yellow. You could also choose red, which is a common color for warning signs. It is best to stick with yellow, keeping your signs uniform with all other wet floor signs.

4 great defensive driving tips

In driver's education, they teach you how to drive properly. In the real world, avoiding accidents is about far more than just not making mistakes yourself. You also have to assume that other drivers are going to make mistakes, and you need to be ready to react. The proper mindset can save your life.

Here are four defensive driving tips that may help you avoid an accident:

What you should know about warehouse injuries in Pomona

If you suffered an injury on the job in a warehouse in Pomona or the surrounding area, your injuries may have caused you to miss days at work and thus incur lost wages. Your injuries may even be severe enough that you are temporarily disabled and off work for an extended period of time.

Injuries that cause lost days at work do not have to leave you scrambling for money. However, you must take the proper steps to verify your time off due to an on-the-job injury. 

Cognitive load and cellphone use behind the wheel

You often hear that cellphones are a distraction in the car for a number of reasons, from people looking down to read a text or reaching to pick up a phone that has fallen and taking their hands off of the wheel.

Sometimes, people think that avoiding these specific issues means phone use is safe in the car. It may be safer, as it is clearly better to be watching the road while talking than looking down and texting, but any phone use can be problematic.

Similarities noted in 2 California 'self-driving' car crashes

Recently, we discussed the tragic incident where an Uber that was set in self-driving mode but had a driver behind the wheel killed a pedestrian in Arizona. Last month, a Tesla equipped with the company's Autopilot system was involved in a crash in Mountain View, which is in Northern California. The driver was killed.

A San Francisco news team has discovered similarities between the Mountain View crash and another one involving a Tesla set on Autopilot last September. In both crashes, the car veered into a concrete divider. Both occurred during low morning sun while the cars were moving at highway speeds.

Whose insurance pays out when someone crashes a borrowed car?

You're doing nothing more than simply driving through a green light when a driver suddenly turns left right in front of you. You barely have time to touch the brakes before your car slams into the other vehicle. It's the worst accident you've ever been involved in.

Your car is totaled. One of your family members, a passenger, gets hurt. Emergency crews rush the rest of your family off to the hospital, and you try to talk to the other driver to exchange insurance and contact information.

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