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Pomona Restaurant Fall Lawyer

Pomona Restaurant Fall Lawyer

Spilled Liquid Fall Attorney in Pomona, CA

In a store or commercial building with significant square footage, a surface is bound to become slippery. However, it is the store’s duty to ensure a safe environment for its patrons. Management and staff must be vigilant in attending to hazards and preventing serious injuries.

Whether an employee spills coffee, a bottle of baby oil falls off a store shelf and breaks, or a tray of food falls to a restaurant floor, slippery surfaces create immediate danger. When store owners or staff are aware of these spills but leave them unattended, customers who slipped on the substances may have an injury claim to file against them.

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Holding Businesses Responsible For Accidents On Their Premises

The moment you slip-and-fall, the first thing you want is to get back up and brush yourself off. If the accident occurred in a public place, you might get embarrassed and want to hide the fact that you fell, never mind that you suffered any type of injury.

However, your trip-and-fall or slip-and-fall could leave you immobile and in excruciating pain. Many falls result in serious injuries that require immediate medical attention from a doctor and legal help from a skilled personal injury lawyer.

Investigations present challenges. In the split second it takes to come in contact with the slippery material and fall, most witnesses will have moved on from the accident scene. Amid the chaos of the accident and the victim being carried away, a store employee, under order of the management, might take a few swipes with a cloth or sponge, effectively erasing any evidence. Call us if you were injured on any type of hazardous pavement.

Time is of the essence after your accident. The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt will face the obstacles on your behalf and overcome the challenges. Our investigations are thorough, and we will bring in experts to obtain their much-needed insight.

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Pomona Restaurant Fall Attorney Helping Fellow Californians Injured In Accidents

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