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Pomona Attractive Nuisance Lawyer

Pomona Attractive Nuisance Lawyer

Dangers That Attract Children

Children in California play outside frequently: swimming, biking, climbing on playgrounds and other activities. This is as it should be. However, when these areas and items aren’t properly maintained, they pose a particular danger because children gravitate toward them. These are commonly known as “attractive nuisances,” and children often cannot stay away. Our attorneys at The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt have deep knowledge of the legal responsibilities of property owners and product manufacturers. If your child has been injured by an attractive nuisance, we can help you pursue justice.

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Swimming Pool Hazards And Liability

California has more swimming pools than almost anywhere in the country. Unfortunately, this is reflected in the leading cause of death among California children: drowning. Pool owners have a responsibility to ensure that their pool has all required safety features. These include:

  • Adequate fencing
  • Proper use of pool covers
  • A self-latching gate
  • Water depth markings
  • Safety guards for all suction devices

The absence of any of these precautions could lead to a swimming pool injury or even death. Liability varies between private and public pools, but our lawyers will advocate aggressively for you in either case. Insurance companies will try to deny your claim. We will work to ensure that does not happen.

Some Assembly Required

Other hazardous situations involve improperly assembled equipment. If a bolt or screw isn’t tight enough, an entire assembly can come apart and potentially injure a child. This can be an issue with:

Jungle gyms
Many parents and store employees who assemble these do not use enough torque when putting them together. This can even be true of professionally installed equipment at playgrounds and schools.

Assembly technicians do not always install parts correctly. If parts fail during use, a child could be injured in a bicycle accident. If equipment fails and someone is injured we can help determine fault.

Outdoor chairs
These can come apart from exposure to the elements if they were not properly assembled to begin with.

Our attorneys can investigate the exact circumstances of any injury, including who assembled the equipment in question and whether they violated their legal responsibility of care.

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If Your Child Was Hurt, Contact Our Pomona Attractive Nuisance Lawyers Today

We have decades of experience representing clients whose children have been injured. If you are in Pomona or Southern California, give us a call: 909-766-1994. You can also reach us online. We have an excellent track record of helping our clients.

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