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Special Safety Laws: Trucking In California

Trucks pose a unique danger on the road because of their size and the long hours that companies demand of their drivers. It is no wonder that there are special safety rules for truck drivers, both at the state and federal level. These laws are frequently violated, unfortunately. If you have been involved in a trucking accident, it is possible that the truck driver violated one of these rules, which would strengthen your case. With decades of experience with these incidents, here are the most common violations our attorneys see at The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt.

Truckers Exceed Their Drive Time Limit

Trucking is a grueling occupation, and truckers routinely log long hours behind the wheel. However, because of the danger posed by sleep deprivation, federal law restricts commercial truck drivers to 14 hours of driving per day. No more than 11 of those hours can be consecutive. Additional restrictions apply to total hours over a seven-day period.

Unfortunately, there are financial incentives for drivers who disregard these trucking precautions. Sleep-deprived operators are all too common on the road.

Truckers Use Illegal Routes

Certain roads in California are unsafe for trucks. The road surface may not be strong enough to support the loads involved or the terrain may not be suitable for navigation. Thus, the California Department of Transportation has certain approved routes that trucks can use to haul their loads.

However, these routes are not always the most direct, so some truck drivers will illegally drive their rigs on roads not designed for them. This puts other motorists at risk, along with the drivers themselves.

Trucks Exceed Weight And Size Restrictions

Weight and size limits for trucks are not just to preserve the roadways — they are also intended to keep other drivers safe. When a truck’s trailer is too long, it runs the risk of colliding with other vehicles or pedestrians when turning. Trucks that are overloaded can have trouble stopping on steep inclines or when they need to avoid an accident. If they are involved in an accident, these heavy loads can cause significant injuries to other motorists.

Many truckers work hard to follow these rules. However, the reality is that companies make more money when they can move more products on the same trip, so some drivers will break these laws.

Contact An Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer

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