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An Established Firm For Premises Liability

Property owners have a duty to maintain the safety of their property when they invite the public onto it. If that property owner fails to maintain safe premises and someone who has been invited onto the property is then injured as a result of that owner’s failure, then the property owner should compensate the victim.

If you have been injured while on someone else’s property, you need to know that you are going to be able to secure the full compensation you deserve for the injuries you have suffered. Securing the help of a skilled and experienced lawyer can help you.

Premises liability cases can take many forms, including:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents People can be injured after slipping on spilled liquids in a grocery store or other public location. They can also trip on unsecured entrance mats or fall down stairs that are in a state of disrepair.
  • Dog bites Being bitten by a dog can create a much more serious injury than people might think, especially if the victim is a child. Infection, nerve damage, scarring and emotional trauma can all result from a dog attack.
  • Amusement park injuries Improper maintenance, defective equipment and operator error can all lead to injuries at an amusement park. The reality is that amusement park rides can cause catastrophic and fatal injuries when accidents occur.

Decades Of Experience Helping People Injured On Other’s Property

At The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt, we have been focused on helping those who have been injured in accidents, especially premises liability accidents, for decades. We understand the circumstances that can cause these types of accidents, and we understand how to prove that a property owner knew or should have known about a dangerous condition that put others at risk. Our firm helps our clients effectively pursue the maximum compensation for their injuries to help them deal with the burden of medical bills and lost wages.

To learn more about how we have been able to help others, please review our notable cases.

Premises Liability Attorney Serving Pomona And Southern California

When you or a loved one has been injured on another’s property, we can help you prove how that property owner is responsible for your injuries. Turn to The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt for the experienced personal injury help you need. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 909-766-1994 or contact us online.

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