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Were You Attacked By An Animal?

At The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt, our attorneys represent California residents suffering serious injuries from dog bites and other types of animal attacks. We fight to hold pet owners accountable for their negligence that led to life-changing injuries.

Pedestrians walking by their homes or friends and family invited onto residential property are entitled to safe passage. If you suffered injuries in an animal attack, you must take immediate action.

Take Immediate Action If You Have Been Injured In An Animal Attack

In addition to medical attention from a doctor, you need to retain an attorney. Downplaying the injuries can have serious consequences. With dog bites, the true extent of the damage may not be realized right away. Without a physician’s care, infections and nerve and tendon damage can have serious consequences.

Animal attacks can not only cause serious physical injuries, but also psychological damage. A love for animals can turn into a phobia, especially for children. Along with treatment of the bites, scratches and other physical damage comes counseling to deal with the emotional trauma.

Strict statutes exist in California that hold animal owners accountable for failing to properly restrain their pets from attacking passers-by and invited guests. We possess comprehensive knowledge of those statutes in our pursuit of a dog bite claim against the animal’s owner. We conduct an in-depth investigation, interview witnesses, review medical records, and retain experts to determine the immediate and long-term extent of your injuries.

We Represent Dog Bite Victims Throughout Los Angeles County

You focus on recovering from your injuries, while we pursue maximum compensation. To schedule a free initial consultation with our California personal injury lawyers, call The Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt at 909-766-1994 or contact us online.

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