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September 2016 Archives

Dangerous Dogs - Certain Breeds Account for Majority of Dog Bites

Dogs provide companionship and perhaps some protection. Most people want a loving four-legged friend, not an animal that can maim or kill. Unfortunately, California has the dubious distinction of being "the dog bite capital of the United States," according to the LA Times. Approximately one-third of all homeowner insurance claims in the state result from dog bites. Under California law, the owner is liable for any damages suffered by the person bitten.

Wrongful death claims filed against university and officer

A 23-year-old female student at the University of Southern California was killed last December in a tragic car accident. The young student, who wanted to be a mental health counselor, was turning into the USC campus in Los Angeles when her car was struck by a speeding police cruiser that was traveling at almost triple the speed limit.

How do I know if my bus company is safe?

Bus travel is very affordable, comfortable and convenient, but it can also be dangerous if the bus company doesn't adhere to safety standards. As such, California bus passengers should always place an emphasis on safety when selecting a bus company. Indeed, cost and convenience are important considerations but they shouldn't take center stage if a cheaper bus line could jeopardize your safety.

Raves, drug use and premises liability concerns

Labor Day weekend is always a time when California residents have more parties and entertainment events, like concerts and raves. For example, this past Labor Day the San Manuel Amphitheater hosted a massive rave, which attracted over 67,000 attendees. Large rave events like this can be very dangerous because they tend to be a hot bed for drug activity.

What common forms of negligence lead to car accidents?

When it comes to a motor vehicle accident and personal injury law, cases often boil down to negligence. If the injured victim of the car accident wants to pursue a claim for damages, generally he or she must prove that the negligence of an at-fault driver -- or some other at-fault party like a car manufacturer -- was the reason why the injuries of the plaintiff occurred.

Shopping cart accidents and personal injury claims

A massive number children show up in the emergency room every year in the United States because they are hurt by shopping carts. In fact, the average number of children taken to emergency rooms is about 24,000 every year. From the years 1990 and 2011, a total number of children hurt by shopping cart injuries was 530,494. That averages out to 66 children a day.

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