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July 2019 Archives

How can drivers ensure back to school safety?

With August right around the corner, many parents and kids are looking forward to the upcoming school year. This means it's a great time to talk to your kids about being safe when walking to and from school. Drivers must also keep in mind the role they play in pedestrian safety, especially when traveling through school zones. In this case, the National Safety Council offers the following back to school tips. 

Operating a different type of vehicle and the risk of a crash

There are many different behaviors which can lead to a motor vehicle crash, such as someone choosing to get behind the wheel after having one too many or a driver paying no attention to speed limits. However, there are less obvious risks and examples of dangerous driving, which may not receive very much attention. For example, inexperienced drivers may pose risks to themselves and others, and even someone who has been driving for many years may be inexperienced in certain ways when they get behind the wheel of a different type of vehicle.

How can I ride my bicycle safely at night?

While it's much safer to ride a bicycle during the day, some riders travel the streets at night for many different reasons. In this case, you must take the proper safety steps to protect yourself, as there is a very real chance that you won't be seen by other motorists. Cleveland Clinic offers the following information to keep bicyclists safe and secure no matter what. 

7 tips every parent needs to know about pool safety

With the summertime heat, you and your children might find yourselves spending more and more time at a family member’s pool, a friend’s pool or in your own backyard pool. Sadly, in California, drowning remains the leading cause of death for children under the age of five, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

How can I prevent drowsy driving?

Getting a good night's rest is crucial for your health. It can also prevent serious car accidents from occurring should you become tired behind the wheel. Drowsy driving causes similar impairments as driving while inebriated and can be just as dangerous as a result. That's why the National Safety Council offers the following information on drowsy driving and how it can be avoided. 

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