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March 2017 Archives

Questions after motor vehicle accidents with self-driving cars

With the rise of ride-sharing operations like Uber and Lyft throughout California and the nation, a new conversation is growing surrounding car crashes. Uber, the ubiquitous ride-sharing app, is even in the process of testing self-driving cars - but what does that mean for rates of motor vehicle accidents? A recent collision in nearby Arizona may hold some clues.

Complacency is cited in California vehicle accidents

To an outsider, California drivers probably appear to be skillful, practiced and observant, given the number of cars on our highways and the number of lanes they populate. But a recent study indicates that risky driving habits are taking a surprisingly high toll, and that drivers have taken a fatalistic attitude, believing that nothing can be done to stop accidents from happening. Vehicle crashes lead to injuries and often to death. As a driver, are you willing to accept this as the normal course of events?

What hazardous conditions exist at a restaurant?

What are your options when it comes to suffering a slip, trip or fall at a food service establishment? Restaurants have just as much of a responsibility to victims of premises liability accidents as other business do. In fact, food service establishments may be particularly egregious offenders because of the nature of their operation - wet floors seem to just come with the territory. Slips, trips and falls are among the most common accidents in the workplace and for restaurant owners in general.

New stats: Car accidents leading cause of death for young America

Did you know that vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers and young adults? New nationwide research shows that young people aged 16 to 20 are at a significantly elevated risk of death in car accidents. So, what are legislators in California and elsewhere doing to help combat this epidemic? One specific action item is high on the priority list: Lower the distracted driver rates.

Can premises liability accidents happen at a house?

What do you think of when you imagine a slip-and-fall case in California? Perhaps you imagine victims seeking financial restitution from a store owner or mall administrator. The fact is, though, that premises liability cases can arise on private property of any type - take, for instance, the pending case against Tiger Woods that has been brought by his former security guard. The guard alleges that he slipped and fell in 2010 while patrolling Woods' estate, striking his knee and seriously wounding his leg.

Porsche e-mails under fire after Walker motor vehicle accident

The daughter of deceased actor Paul Walker is accusing auto company employees of misconduct in the way they casually referenced her father's death in internal communication. Reports show that messages surrounding Walker's death made light of his crash and other similar motor vehicle accidents. Walker's daughter is embroiled in a wrongful death suit in connection with her father's fatal crash. Walker, 40, died in 2013 when his vehicle crashed in Santa Clarita, California.

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