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$250,000 Settlement

$250,000  Settlement
Christian J. Amendt

Car Accident Leaves Man With Torn Rotator Cuff That Needed Surgery With Bone Anchors

In a significant legal case stemming from a car crash, a male victim initially faced a challenge with his insurance settlement offer following a front-end collision. The insurance company’s initial proposal of $3,000 was perceived as a low-ball tactic, aiming to swiftly resolve the claim without accounting for the true extent of the victim’s injuries. Recognizing the need for expertise in handling injury claims, the victim sought the counsel of Mr. Amendt, a seasoned personal injury attorney based in Los Angeles.

Mr. Amendt approached the case with meticulous care, beginning with a thorough examination of the client’s condition. In his office, he conducted a series of detailed range-of-motion tests to assess the extent of the victim’s shoulder injury. These tests included specific maneuvers such as the abduction test, cross-shoulder movement assessment, and internal rotation evaluation. Through this comprehensive assessment, Mr. Amendt uncovered a critical finding: the victim’s injury was not merely a shoulder sprain as initially thought by the client but a significant rotator cuff tear requiring surgical intervention with bone anchors.

The revelation of the true nature and severity of the injury was a turning point in the case. Armed with this medical evidence and a clear understanding of the financial and personal impact on his client, Mr. Amendt negotiated vigorously with the insurance company. His efforts proved fruitful, as he successfully secured a settlement of $250,000 for his client—a substantial increase from the initial offer and reflective of the actual damages incurred.

This case serves as an example of the vital role that experienced legal representation plays in personal injury claims. Mr. Amendt’s expertise not only uncovered the hidden complexity of the victim’s injury but also ensured that justice was served by securing a fair and just compensation. The outcome underscores the importance of seeking professional guidance when navigating insurance settlements, especially in cases where injuries may be more severe than initially perceived. Ultimately, Mr. Amendt’s dedication to his client’s case resulted in a favorable resolution that provided both financial relief and validation for the victim’s suffering.