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Interstate 10 Statistics Show It’s The 4th Most Dangerous Freeway

Interstate 10 Statistics Show It’s The 4th Most Dangerous Freeway
Christian J. Amendt

Interstate 10 runs straight through Pomona, California, and all the way to Florida. It’s also known as the fourth deadliest freeway in the United States. Also known locally as the San Bernardino Freeway, California residents should be relieved to know that the deadliest sections of the freeway are found elsewhere in the country.

The deadly highway statistics were compiled by reviewing how many fatal car crashes have happened for every 100 miles on different highways from the years 2011 through 2015. During this period, I-10 experienced an average of 54.4 fatal accidents for every 100 miles of its roadway. Researchers used National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration to compile this data. Nevertheless, the NTHSA has yet to comment on the findings.

The causes of the above fatalities related to:

— Bad lighting, which caused approximately 34 percent of the fatal crashes

— Drunk drivers caused approximately 25 percent of the accidents.

Still, as dangerous as I-10 happens to be, there are three other roads in the United States deemed to be more dangers. Those are:

— State Route 99 close to Fresno, reporting 62.3 deadly crashes for every 100 miles.

— I-45 through Texas reported 62.3 fatal crashes for every 100 miles.

— I-95 on the east coast reported 55.1 fatal car crashes for every 100 miles.

Pomona residents planning to travel via Interstate 10 need to remember to employ safe driving tactics to avoid getting hurt in a car crash. However, sometimes, the best of intentions are met with harsh reality. California families, who have lost a loved one in a car crash caused by negligent and/or unlawful behavior, may want to reach out to a lawyer who can help them seek justice and restitution in court.

Source: Pasadena Star-News, “10 Freeway ranked fourth deadliest in nation,” Neil Nisperos, Oct. 17, 2016

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