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How often should brakes be replaced?

You've probably seen movies or read books where the hero's brakes are cut in a devious plot to cause a deadly accident.

In real life, the odds that your brakes are going to be intentionally disconnected are astronomically low. However, this does point out just how dangerous a car without brakes can be.

Can the school schedule put teens in danger?

Teens often hate waking up in time for school. As a parent, though, you may want to know that those early classes could actually put your child in danger -- at least, that's the case if he or she drives to school.

A study found that teens who had to get up earlier to get to school on time had higher car accident rates than those who were allowed to sleep in and attend classes a bit later in the morning.

Key observations about speeding tendencies and dangerous driving

You know speeding is dangerous, and you also know it's incredibly common. Why aren't people more careful? One study looked at numerous drivers in Texas and Seattle to track their habits and learn more, and it revealed a number of key facts.

First of all, many people who broke the speed limit did not do so all of the time, but just when outside factors entered the equation. For example, a driver may usually be safe and conscious of his or her speed and then push the limits after waking up late and running behind during a morning commute.

3 motorcycle safety myths

If you ride motorcycles, chances are you have heard a lot of myths about riding and safety over the years. There are plenty of misguided assumptions and popular misconceptions out there. Believing these myths can put you at a higher risk of accidents and injuries. It is crucial to debunk these falsehoods before you get into an unfortunate situation. 

While there are countless rumors and wrong beliefs floating around, there are a few important ones to focus on. Here are the most harmful motorcycle safety myths you should stop believing right now. 

Keep calm when someone else is tailgating

Tailgating is so frustrating because that driver is actively putting you in danger. The odds of an accident go up massively when someone is just a few feet from your bumper. Any sudden slowing of nearby traffic could cause a crash that seriously injures you or kills a loved one. You know that crash could easily be avoided if the other driver would just back off.

Despite how frustrating it is, it's important to keep your cool. Stay calm. Don't do anything to increase the danger. For instance, many people like to tap their brakes, but this is an aggressive maneuver that can make an accident more likely.

Do I need an accident reconstructionist in my lawsuit?

An accident reconstructionist is someone who is highly trained in the field of accident reconstruction physics and engineering. In addition, he or she is usually in law enforcement.

The field of accident reconstruction involves a scientific approach and can answer questions about why and how an accident happened. Here are some questions about accident reconstruction so that you can determine if you need such an expert in your personal injury lawsuit against an at-fault driver.

Tips for becoming a better defensive driver in California

Many people forget that driving is a privilege and not a right. This means that your driver's license can be taken away if you have received too many points on your license, have had too many DUI charges or even owe back child support payments. One way to avoid points on your license is by becoming a better defensive driver in California.

The first thing you must learn when teaching yourself to be a better defensive driver is never to trust the other drivers around you on the roads. You might think they are safely operating their vehicles, but they most likely are not. You will encounter speeders, weavers, distracted drivers and much more on the roads. You need to be able to spot these drivers and know how to safely maneuver away from them.

Poor lighting and premises liability claims

It's not too much to ask that when someone is legally on another person's property that he or she feels safe. This can come in various forms, one of which is proper lighting. Lighting is a popular way to protect property from burglars, enhance curb appeal and light the way so visitors know where to walk. Well, poor lighting can lead to premises liability claims in California.

It is the responsibility of a property owner to provide visitors with a safe experience. They are also responsible for inspecting their property frequently in an effort to find any issues or hazards that could harm others. If hazards are found, repairs should be made promptly to prevent injury. If repairs are not made and someone is injured, the property owner could very well be held liable.

Slips, trips and falls: When grocery shopping becomes dangerous

When you do your grocery shopping, the furthest thing from your mind is the possibility of sustaining an injury. Yet the most common cause of injury in grocery stores is slip-and-fall accidents, and the injuries can be more serious than you think.

However, you cannot just stop buying food for your family. Instead, you can prepare with knowledge on how to avoid slips, trips and falls and what to do if they happen.

How to safely operate a vehicle near large trucks

Driving on the roads of California can be extremely stressful due to the high volume of traffic. A large portion of the vehicles on the roads of Pomona are trucks, or tractor-trailers. Driving near a large truck can be dangerous and frustrating. Here are some tips for safely operating your car near a large truck.

Give all large trucks plenty of room to make turns. This is especially important when sitting at an intersection. Do not approach the white line when you see a truck coming from the opposite direction wanting to make a turn. The more room you leave, the less likely it is that the truck will hit your car as it makes the turn.

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