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2 Dead, 2 Injured In Crash

2 Dead, 2 Injured In Crash
Christian J. Amendt

Two individuals are dead, and two more have been left injured following a single-vehicle accident on San Gabriel River Freeway. The 2005 Pontiac Grand Am reportedly left the roadway and crashed into a tree around 7:30 in the morning. The driver of the vehicle and a young girl riding in the rear seat were both killed, while two other women survived, although with serious injuries.

Car accidents involving fatalities are always heartbreaking for everyone involved, but the individuals who survived the accident now face not only the emotional burden of recovering from this tragic event, but also the potentially lengthy and expensive process of recovering physically from their severe injuries.

It is still unclear whether factors such as excessive speed, distraction on the part of the driver, the influence of substances or simple drowsiness may have contributed to the accident. Sadly, whatever the causes of the collision, the survivors will have to follow through on their recovery without having the luxury of waiting find out who will be considered at fault or will be footing the bill for the surgeries and physical therapy, not to mention other settlements.

Often, in single car accidents, it can be very difficult for those who have been injured or the families of those who have died to know how to pursue fair compensation. If you have been injured or suffered property loss due to a motor vehicle accident, you deserve the representation of an experienced, professional attorney who can protect your rights and fight to have your injuries and losses compensated fairly, while respecting the delicacy of the emotional aspects of your situation.