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Options for workers injured on construction sites in California

As a construction worker, you know that getting hurt on the job is a possibility. However, this does not make such injuries any less detrimental to your physical and psychological well-being.

If you have experienced an illness or injury as a result of your job on a construction site, you may be wondering what options are available to you.

Workers’ compensation

This benefit is available to most workers in California and it is a no-fault system. How your injury or illness happened is not considered from a fault perspective. The most important factor is that performing the duties of your job is what led you to become hurt. There are a handful of exceptions to this, like intoxication at work or the commission of a crime.

If eligible, you can receive financial benefits like coverage of your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages.

Legal action

Many people think that if they receive workers’ compensation they cannot file a lawsuit in relation to their injuries. While this is true regarding your employer in most cases, there are times when legal action can be reasonably pursued against a third party. If you sustained an injury due to faulty equipment, the manufacturer could be liable. Civil liability claims can also get filed against a property owner or on-site subcontractor.

If you were recently injured in a work accident, you have options for assistance. Knowing your rights and how to receive benefits can relieve some stress and allow you to recover.

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