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3 Motorcycle Safety Myths

3 Motorcycle Safety Myths
Christian J. Amendt

If you ride motorcycles, chances are you have heard a lot of myths about riding and safety over the years. There are plenty of misguided assumptions and popular misconceptions out there. Believing these myths can put you at a higher risk of accidents and injuries. It is crucial to debunk these falsehoods before you get into an unfortunate situation.

While there are countless rumors and wrong beliefs floating around, there are a few important ones to focus on. Here are the most harmful motorcycle safety myths you should stop believing right now.

1. Louder exhaust keeps you safe

You may have heard from another motorcycle enthusiast that there are many perks to aftermarket pipes. A lot of people claim that this modification helps drivers notice you. While this might happen in certain situations, a louder exhaust system really does not do much to help. In fact, it may actually annoy, distract and fatigue drivers. If you truly want motorists to notice you, wear a helmet and jacket with bright colors.

2. Helmets hinder your vision

Full-faced helmets sometimes get a bad reputation, but for no good reason. The standards set by the Department of Transportation ensure all helmets do not restrict your peripheral vision. Not only is your field of view unobstructed, but these helmets also prevent bugs, rain, wind and debris from flying into your face. Without these distractions, you are safer.

3. Roads are safer than highways

When you are trying to be a safer rider, you might opt for taking city streets instead of clogged LA highways. However, just because traffic is slower does not necessarily lower your chances of running into trouble. Side streets, pedestrians and roadside objects can actually make these areas riskier.

You will never be 100 percent risk-free on your motorcycle. However, if you ditch these myths and take care to ride safely, you can better your chances of avoiding an accident.

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