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3 Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle In LA Traffic

3 Tips For Riding Your Motorcycle In LA Traffic
Christian J. Amendt

It is probably the last thing you want to do, but think about Los Angeles traffic for a second. Imagine all the drivers crowding around you, cutting you off and texting. It is difficult enough to navigate this jungle in a car, let alone on your new motorcycle.

If you are a fairly new motorcycle owner, congratulations! It is a fun thing to ride, but riding in LA traffic can be nightmarish. You do not want to get into an accident. Learn how to optimize your safety while riding your motorcycle during congested commutes.

1. Scan your surroundings

The first tip for avoiding a motorcycle crash in traffic is being constantly alert of your environment. Do not dwell on one area for too long. Get comfortable scanning drivers’ mirrors, your blind spots and the road ahead. Staying aware of potential risks sets you up for a better reaction should something go awry.

2. Be visible

Most motorcycle accidents happen because drivers do not notice motorcyclists. Here are some techniques for increasing your visibility:

  • Have your high beams on during the day.
  • Apply reflective tape to your gear or bike.
  • Wear a brightly-colored helmet and jacket.

Taking proactive steps to be visible to other drivers minimizes your chances of getting hit by a car.

3. Be careful at offramps

Locals and tourists alike often miss offramps until the last second. Do not put yourself in the path of danger by getting in between a car and an exit. Stay in the clear when exiting, ensuring no car is to your left.

When you keep these tips in mind and prioritize your safety, you will be able to handle the worst congestion with confidence. By consistently staying alert, making yourself visible and anticipating dangerous situations, you can avoid collisions. Should you ever get into an accident with a negligent driver, talk to a personal injury attorney.

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