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4 Common Factors That May Have Contributed To Your Truck Accident

4 Common Factors That May Have Contributed To Your Truck Accident
Christian J. Amendt

Getting behind or near a tractor-trailer when driving on the California highways is not an unusual occurrence. You may be trying to get to your destination and find yourself around one or more of these big rigs, and could understandably feel a little nervous. After all, you may be unsure whether the driver of the truck sees you, or whether he or she might make a sudden move that puts you in danger.

While most truck drivers are safety-conscious and want to make sure that everyone on the road stays safe, truck accidents are not unusual. Any number of factors could contribute to a serious crash, but some factors show themselves more often than others.

What factors could easily cause a truck crash?

While you may jump in your car to head to work or to go to a leisurely activity, once truck drivers get behind the wheel, they typically are on the job. Additionally, they often cannot just hop in and hit the road. They need to make sure that they are fully ready to go. If they do not make the proper checks, a serious accident could occur due to an overlooked issue, such as:

  • Improperly loaded cargo: If the tractor-trailer is not carrying properly distributed cargo or the cargo exceeds the weight limit, the truck driver may have a harder time keeping the big rig under control.
  • Issues with the vehicle: Semi-trucks need maintenance quite often due to the number of hours and miles they are on the road. If a company has not properly maintained a truck, an issue could occur during operation that could cause a crash.
  • Equipment failure: If a truck has a defect, the driver may not be aware of it. Unfortunately, any type of equipment failure could put everyone on the road at risk.
  • Driver error: Any driver can make a mistake, but a truck driver’s mistake could cause a serious crash more easily. As a result, truckers should ensure that they are not dealing with any distractions, have gotten enough rest and are not violating driving regulations.

Though these are common issues that cause crashes, other factors could also contribute to serious accidents, such as driving under the influence, speeding or other violations.

What if you received an injury in a crash?

Unfortunately, a day came when you were helpless to get out of the way of a big rig. As a result, you suffered serious injuries in the crash that may prove life-changing. If so, you may want to explore your legal options for seeking compensation from the truck driver and trucking company.

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