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5-Year-Old Boy Killed After DUI Driver Slams Into Apartment

5-Year-Old Boy Killed After DUI Driver Slams Into Apartment
Christian J. Amendt

A young boy is dead after a tragic car accident in South Los Angeles. The accident happened on a recent Thursday morning at approximately 12:00 a.m.

According to police, a woman was operating her vehicle while intoxicated. She crashed the vehicle directly into an apartment building. The 23-year-old driver claimed that she had swerved to avoid someone who cut her off and then lost control of her vehicle, but authorities say that her breath smelled heavily of alcohol.

Tragically, the vehicle crashed into the bedroom of a family, causing a 5-year-old boy and his father to be trapped under the vehicle. The mother of the boy was also pinned beneath the rubble caused by the crash. Also inside the apartment were two girls — one a young teenager and the other a 6-year-old. The two girls also suffered minor injuries. All of the victims were rushed to a local hospital.

Although the father had tried to hold his son close to him and protect him, the little boy passed away later at the hospital. Amidst the debris was found a note written by the young boy to Santa Claus in which he was asking for a bicycle.

The driver of the vehicle was handcuffed and transported to the hospital for the vehicle. Later, she was booked and charged with vehicular manslaughter. As of last reports, she was being held on bail of $100,000.

A fatal and injurious accident caused by a drunk driver in Los Angeles, may give rise to wrongful death and personal injury claims. Although no amount of litigation will ever bring back a loved one lost in such a crash, nor will it resolve one’s injuries, such a suit could be a way for injured parties to seek financial compensation to pay for their injuries and other financial damages.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “5-Year-Old Boy Dies After Car Crashes Into South Los Angeles Apartment Building,” Kristina Bugante and Rick Montanez, Dec. 02, 2016

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