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A Pregnant Woman Is Killed In A 4-Car Crash Along The 71 Freeway

A Pregnant Woman Is Killed In A 4-Car Crash Along The 71 Freeway
Christian J. Amendt

A 35-year-old pregnant Ontario woman lost her life in a multicar crash along the Chino Hills portion of the 71 Freeway in a mid-morning crash on Saturday, April 28. The incident occurred just before 9:56 a.m., in between the Butterfield Ranch Road and Pine Avenue exits.

Crash scene investigators with the California Highway Patrol have initially concluded that the driver of a BMW 740 failed to reduce his speed as cars in front of him began coming to a halt in heavy traffic along the freeway. According to investigators, he struck the pregnant decedent’s stopped Hyundai Elantra in the rear as a result.

Once her Hyundai was struck, it caused a chain reaction crash. She was initially pushed into the rear of a Dodge Dakota pickup truck. That motorist, in turn, was pushed into the rear of a semi-truck.

The impact of the crash was apparently so forceful that it sent the BMW into a tail-spin. Witnesses to the collision reportedly saw the vehicle turn counter-clockwise before making impact with the pregnant woman’s Hyundai for a second time.

Emergency crews arriving at the crash scene quickly tended to each of the motorists.

They quickly transported the pregnant woman and her unborn child to Pomona Valley Medical Center. They both died within moments of having arrived there.

All the other motorists, including the Panorama City pickup truck driver, the Coarsegold tractor-trailer trucker and the BMW driver, were all tended to by paramedics at the crash scene.

The stretch of the freeway where the crash occurred remained closed for at least four hours as crews tended to the victims and attempted to clean up the debris.

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