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A Slippery Floor At Your Grocery Can Cause A Severe Injury

A Slippery Floor At Your Grocery Can Cause A Severe Injury
Christian J. Amendt

You may drop by your neighborhood grocery store once or twice a week. While walking through the aisles, your attention is more often on the shelves than on the floor. 

However, slip-and-fall accidents are common in grocery stores and slippery floors are often the cause. 

Keeping customers safe 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 800,000 people check into hospitals annually due to injuries suffered during a fall. Store owners have a responsibility to keep their customers safe, but a slippery floor is a hazard. Customers track water in during inclement weather, liquid products fall from shelves and in some instances, janitorial crews use floor-cleaning products that can result in a slippery surface. 

Understanding cleaning products 

Some floor-cleaning products leave a slippery residue. Those most at fault are products with a distinct fragrance since these are often made with oils that can produce a shiny but slick surface. Any kind of liquid left on the floor can cause someone to slip. However, if a floor-cleaning product turns out to be the culprit in a slip-and-fall accident resulting in injuries, the store owner could face a premises liability claim. 

Finding negligence 

The most common injuries suffered in grocery stores include skull fractures, concussions and more serious traumatic head injuries, back injuries and fractures of the wrists, arms and hips. In assembling the facts surrounding a slip-and-fall incident, research helpful in determining negligence might include a review of janitorial records and surveillance video footage. If you suffer an injury due to unsafe conditions in your neighborhood store, you have a right to expect full and fair compensation to cover your medical costs and more.