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Are Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Devices Distracting Riders?

Are Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Devices Distracting Riders?
Christian J. Amendt

Technology knows no bounds when it comes to application in society, and that includes so-called technological “improvements” to contemporary motorcycle helmets. Bluetooth technology for headphones is now a common feature in motorcycle helmets for California bikers, and many motorcycle enthusiasts have bought into the new-age riding gear. The problem is that noise from surrounding vehicles is an important safety aspect of motorcycle riding, and the enclosed Bluetooth communication system and cell phone capability can be considered problematic by some when negotiating traffic.

Cellphone usage and distracted driving

All states have enhanced their driving restrictions in the past decades for those using cellphones, and particularly rules governing texting while driving. This is largely being done due to motor vehicle accident statistics. The hands-free devices now installed in contemporary vehicles have led many people to accept talking on the phone while in transit with both hands on the wheel. While this is somewhat a compromise as opposed to the total restriction of talking while driving, distraction can still occur even when talking on a Bluetooth device. However, advocates of the BT helmet say there are other possible enhancements that can make the helmets very safe upgrades.

Benefits beyond communication

One benefit that many motorcyclists claim from a Bluetooth helmet is the ability to communicate while riding in a pack with other bikers. It has long been known that riding in packs can improve safety because the muffler noise and multiple bikes allow automobile operators more awareness that bikes are mixed in the traffic. In addition, new helmets are including LED braking illumination technology that lights up when bikers slow down as well as provides a night light for other motorists to better see the biker. And, the newest added feature with some helmets is a 360-degree camera for all-around vision. Attorneys who represent victims of motor vehicle accidents solidly appreciate these safety improvements.

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