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Artificial Intelligence May Help Keep Drivers From Distractions

Artificial Intelligence May Help Keep Drivers From Distractions
Christian J. Amendt

Everything from smartphones and dashboard touchscreens to billboards and radio controls can distract drivers in California. That’s why it’s no surprise that distracted driving is a major cause of car accidents. Every day in the U.S., these accidents result in some nine deaths and 100 injuries, according to the National Safety Council.

Yet current attempts to prevent distracted driving have largely failed. Most drivers become distracted even though they know it’s wrong. If their car has an alert system that lets them know they are distracted, they can easily ignore it. Automakers and researchers are now looking to improve the cameras and sensors on these systems with the help of deep learning and various advances in computer vision technology and algorithms.

In other words, artificial intelligence may help reduce the number of distracted drivers. Automakers are striving to make monitoring systems that not only monitor but also predict driver behavior. They are also thinking of ways to get the systems to take control of a vehicle when it discovers the driver is distracted.

There are several possible ways that a system can set off an alert that cannot be ignored. For instance, automakers could make the background of the dashboard change color, or they could have the radio turn off automatically.

When motor vehicle crashes arise because of distracted drivers, legal action might be warranted. For their part, an accident victim may want to speak with an attorney so that they know whether their case is strong. The attorney could hire third parties like investigators and medical experts to strengthen the case. Legal counsel may then proceed to negotiate for a fair settlement covering medical bills, lost wages and other applicable losses.

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