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Avoiding Distraction As A Pedestrian Or Cyclist

Avoiding Distraction As A Pedestrian Or Cyclist
Christian J. Amendt

Chances are, you have heard or read about distracted driving, at least when it comes to the dangers of using a cellphone while behind the wheel. However, not only are there other ways that California drivers can be distracted but it is important for cyclists and pedestrians to avoid distraction as well.

Distracted walkers and cyclists

People on foot or on bicycles are at a greater risk than those in cars or trucks because they do not have the protection of a vehicle. It can be easy to get distracted, whether you are lost in your own thoughts or you are listening to music, audio books or a podcast on headphones. The latter can be especially dangerous if it is loud enough to block out other sounds. Another potential danger is getting caught up in conversation with a companion and failing to pay attention to what the vehicles around you are doing.

Defensive walking

As a pedestrian, you should think about walking defensively, assuming that any motorists you encounter may be distracted. You can wear bright colors to make yourself more visible to drivers, especially at night. You should also try to be aware of obstacles that can make it harder for drivers to see you. For example, do not step out into the road from between parked cars or from behind a tree or sign.

Defensive cycling

As a cyclist, you should remember to follow traffic laws and be aware of times when you are in the blind spot of drivers. You should also make sure that you signal to drivers when you turn. These actions can all help prevent a personal injury.

If you are injured by a motorist while cycling or driving, you may be able to get compensation to help cover your medical expenses and other costs, such as lost wages. You may want to contact an attorney to assist you in working with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit if necessary.