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Being Seen At Night On Your Bike

Being Seen At Night On Your Bike
Christian J. Amendt

Many bicyclists in Pomona find it hard to believe when we here at The Law Offices of Christian J Amendt reaffirm to them that they have the same rights on the road as motorists. If this also comes across to you as difficult to comprehend, it is likely because you are so rarely treated that way when traveling on the road atop your bike. Many motorists do not understand that you have every right to ride on the road. Yet while that ignorance may serve you well when involved in an accident claim, you likely would prefer to avoid the injuries that bicyclists are so often subject to in collisions with cars.

The trick, then, is to make yourself visible while on the road. One claim that you will often hear when bicycle accidents occur is that the driver did not see the cyclist. While it may not be incredibly difficult to make yourself seen during the day, what about at night? Fortunately, California state law has taken the worry of making yourself visible at night out of your hands by establishing the legal standard of how to do so.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles states that according to state law, your bike must have the following equipment if you are to ride at night:

  • A front lamp that emits white visible at 300 feet
  • Either a red rear reflector or blinking rear red light visible at 500 feet
  • White or yellow rear reflectors on each pedal visible at 200 feet
  • Reflectorized tires or a white or yellow reflector on the front wheel and a white or red reflector on the back wheel

It is also recommended that you avoid wearing dark clothing when riding at night. More information on staying safe on your bicycle can be found throughout our site.

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