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Bicycle Safety Tips For Summer

Bicycle Safety Tips For Summer
Christian J. Amendt

With summer just around the corner, bicyclists in Pomona will be taking to the streets in greater numbers. While drivers must respect the presence of bicycles to safely share the road, cyclists must also do their part. Consumer Reports offers the following safety tips, which can prevent accidents from occurring.

Wearing the right attire is very important, especially when riding at night. Neon and reflective clothing will alert your presence to other vehicles, even in low-light situations. Reflectors on your bike can also help, and they should be affixed to the front and rear of the bicycle. Remember that dark clothing can be difficult to see at night and you might not be recognized by drivers when changing lanes or making turns.

Cyclists must also take extra caution when approaching an intersection. Never run a stop sign or traffic light and always look in each direction to check for oncoming traffic. When possible, make sure you’re riding a safe distance from parked cars when traveling on the street. If you ride too close to parked vehicles you could be seriously injured by an opened door, and many motorists fail to check before opening doors next to traffic.

The National Safety Council also urges cyclists to wear helmets at all times. Statistics show that riders who wear helmets 60% less likely to suffer a head injury, which can often have fatal effects. When choosing a helmet, make sure it’s up to current safety standards for maximum protection. Also, be sure to try on the helmet to determine the fit. A helmet that is too tight or too loose will be less effective at protecting your head in the event of an accident.

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