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Can I Sue Over A Dog Bite In California?

Can I Sue Over A Dog Bite In California?
Christian J. Amendt

Dog bites are much more common than people may think. Dog owners are responsible for their pets, and if a dog bites someone, the owner may end up being liable for the injury and have to face the consequences.

If a dog bit you on someone’s property or in public, such as in a park or when you were out running errands, you may have grounds to bring a lawsuit. Here are a few tips to help you understand the basics about premises liability lawsuits and whether you may have a case.

Premises liability in California

Dog bites generally fall under a type of case called premises liability. This means that a property owner is liable for any injuries that take place on his or her property. In the case of a dog bite in California, the dog owner is responsible for damages his or her dog causes as the result of biting. This dog bite code applies whether you were on public property or lawfully on private property. If a dog bites you in public, you should obtain the contact information for the dog’s owner, and if there is any resistance to your attempts to identify the owner, you should contact law enforcement.

Possible dog bite injuries

Dog bites can cause quite serious injuries that can be long-lasting and permanently damaging. Beyond an infection, a dog bite can result in nerve damage or scarring. There are also considerations such as tetanus and rabies that you must consider if a dog bites you. You may even suffer emotional trauma from a dog bite.

You should never underestimate the seriousness of a dog bite, even if you initially think that your injuries are not severe. Make sure you get all the contact information for the dog owner so you can follow up if you need to pursue legal action. Be sure you get the appropriate medical attention to treat the injury and ensure you document everything as clearly as possible so that you have evidence and facts to provide, in the event you decide to sue for damages.

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