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Can Premises Liability Accidents Happen At A House?

Can Premises Liability Accidents Happen At A House?
Christian J. Amendt

What do you think of when you imagine a slip-and-fall case in California? Perhaps you imagine victims seeking financial restitution from a store owner or mall administrator. The fact is, though, that premises liability cases can arise on private property of any type – take, for instance, the pending case against Tiger Woods that has been brought by his former security guard. The guard alleges that he slipped and fell in 2010 while patrolling Woods’ estate, striking his knee and seriously wounding his leg.

What’s the next step? Woods has been able to avoid being deposed and going to trial in the case. However, a mediation process that occurred in February failed to reach a satisfactory conclusion in connection with the accident, so a trial could be forthcoming. Attorneys in the case say they are still seeking a conclusion through negotiation to prevent the case from going to court.

Was it the victim’s fault? Reports show that the victim slipped on a marble floor at the golfer’s $50 million palatial estate while he was patrolling the property. The hazardous conditions on the wet marble floor were caused by an inappropriately oriented sprinkler head, according to the complaint. The victim’s attorneys say that the golfer and his property managers should have known that an accident was bound to happen because of the misaligned sprinkler head. Woods and his attorneys argue that the victim should have seen that the walkway was slick and avoided walking on it.

Did you know that hazardous conditions on private property – even at a home – can lead to a premises liability case? Victims deserve financial compensation for their injuries suffered because of this type of accident, no matter the location. A qualified personal injury attorney can help victims learn more about their legal rights and responsibilities after their slip-and-fall accidents.

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