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Car Crashes And Then Rolls Into The Ocean

Car Crashes And Then Rolls Into The Ocean
Christian J. Amendt

A stunning car accident on California’s Pacific Coast Highway ended with one car upside-down and lying in the ocean waves. Two passengers were thrown from that vehicle and into the churning water.

Stunningly, they all survived the crash.

The vehicle that wound up in the water was a Toyota Corolla. Three people were inside, counting the driver. The Toyota slammed head-on into a Mini Cooper, then flew off of the road. It traveled over a steep hill of boulders not much smaller than the car itself before landing in the water, throwing the passengers out along the way.

Video from the scene shows the ruined car still in the water, while the other car sits on the highway. That Mini Cooper also rolled up on its side, and video from the scene shows that it rolled toward the water. It just did not fall over the embankment and into the ocean. The road does have a guardrail.

The wreck happened right around 6:30 in the evening. It appears that only the driver was in the Mini Cooper. She lived, though she was injured.

An officer with the California Highway Patrol said that the ejected passengers from the Toyota had to swim to shore, and so did the driver. Authorities helped the injured and closed the highway down for hours to investigate just how this frightening crash took place.

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