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Commercial Truck Accident In San Bernardino County

Commercial Truck Accident In San Bernardino County
Christian J. Amendt

On May 10, 2017, a motorist collided with a tractor-trailer on a freeway in San Bernardino County. According to The Sun, the driver of the car experienced pain and went to the hospital. While the exact cause of the crash has not been reported, it is one local example of a dangerous truck accident.

If you are not mindful of driving defensively near commercial trucks, you could end up in an unfortunate situation like this. Keep reading for tips on how to avoid truck crashes by driving safely.

1. Give space

Always keep a significant following distance. This helps avoid any dangerous situations should the truck suddenly stop. With an adequate distance, you have time to react. When you are in front of a truck, be sure to stay far ahead to ensure the truck driver has enough time to brake if he needs to.

2. Avoid blind spots

Blind spots are tricky for every vehicle, but especially large commercial trucks. These blind spots are so significant that they are referred to as no-zones. A good rule of thumb is to realize that if you are unable to see the driver in the side mirror of the truck, he cannot see you, either. Be especially mindful of blind spots when you are merging.

3. Anticipate turns

Tractor-trailers require extra room when turning. They swing wide and sometimes even need to start turning from the middle lane instead of the far right lane. If you notice a truck with its turn signal on in front of you, do not try to squeeze by it.

If you do not take special considerations when driving near trucks, a collision could easily occur. Learning how to share the road with big rigs will help you stay safe. Should you ever be involved in a trucking accident, consult a personal injury lawyer before talking to the insurance company.

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