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Contributing Factors That Lead To Negligent Security

Contributing Factors That Lead To Negligent Security
Christian J. Amendt

It happened so swiftly and unexpectedly as you walked in a parking ramp toward your car. You had little time to react to an attack that left you bloodied and broken, lying on the ground and without your wallet.

An assailant hiding in the shadows swooped in and changed your life forever. What may have prevented this? Better security standards. Your injuries were due to the negligent security of the property owner who failed to protect you.

Poor lighting and poorly trained security staff

Property owners and landlords have the responsibility to protect anyone who visits their premises whether it is a parking ramp, parking lot, apartment complex, office building, retail store or restaurant. They must have safeguards in place.

The following issues play significant roles in negligent security situations:

  • Poor, ineffective or non-existent lighting: Dimness provides effective cover for criminals seeking to prey upon unsuspecting victims. As a result of the darkness, an attack may take place in stairwells, hallways, hotel lobbies, parking ramps and parking lots.
  • Lack of or non-functioning security cameras: These devices are essential for monitoring a range of facilities, including office buildings, apartment complexes and parking ramps. Cameras should be in place and operating.
  • Poorly trained security staff or not enough staff: The presence of security staff deters many criminals. They monitor the goings-on of properties either by watching security cameras or making occasional treks around the premises. Property owners also must provide proper training of security staff.
  • Unsecure doors and windows: Working locks are a necessity. Doors and windows must be checked regularly in office buildings, hotels and apartment complexes. Easily tampered locks provide opportunities for criminals.

Property owners and landlords must do everything they can to provide a safe and secure environment for any visitor.

Stay alert and raise concerns

A violent attack and robbery may haunt victims for the rest of their lives. The feelings of anger and helplessness may set in deeper when they discover that negligent security contributed to the attack. Remain alert to your surroundings. If you have concerns, raise them loudly with property owners.