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Distracted Driving Numbers Show An Unresolved Problem

Distracted Driving Numbers Show An Unresolved Problem
Christian J. Amendt

Traffic jams are simply a way of life in Southern California. So those who live here understand that there’s a certain mind state that comes with driving. Indeed, there is patience, but for dealing with traffic on a daily basis, there’s a different level of tolerance that must be needed.

Some drivers cope by listening to talk radio, whether it is politically based or sports talk. Others have their own music mixes. Yet other rely on their phones to pass the time or provide directions, but they come with their own set of dangers, especially with how much distracted driving is a problem in California. With that, this post will highlight some important numbers.

660,000 – At certain parts of the day (particularly rush hour), there are more than 650,000 drivers on the road who are looking at their cell phones while they are driving. Whether they are on the 110 or 210 freeways or on a residential streetthe distraction created by a cell phone is dangerous.

5 and 200 – Drivers on average take their eyes off the road for two seconds at a time when checking their. At 55 miles per hour, a car can travel more than two football fields (200 yards) in that time.

20 and 27 – According to the NHTSA, young drivers (those aged 18-25) make up 20 percent of the nation’s drivers, but they are involved in 23 percent of fatal auto accidents. Also, with 20-somethings making up 27 percent of distracted drivers, it is important to  know about your rights after an accident before one occurs.

If a driver fails to use reasonable care by using their cell phone, he or she could be held liable.