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Distractions Are More Than Visual For Drivers

Distractions Are More Than Visual For Drivers
Christian J. Amendt

People often focus on visual distractions that drivers might face. While it is imperative that drivers keep their eyes on the road, this isn’t the only type of distraction that they might have to deal with. Anyone who is behind the wheel of a vehicle should remember that they need to avoid distractions of all sorts.

There are three primary forms of distractions to remember. These include visual, manual and cognitive. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Cellphone usage: Texting takes your eyes off the road, your hands off the wheel and your mind off driving. This activity involves all three types of distractions.
  • Thinking about something at home or work: This is a cognitive distraction because you may be so focused on what’ you’re thinking about is that you can’t react to hazards on the road as quickly as you may need to.
  • Looking at billboards: You’re looking at the billboards instead of at the road, which can mean that you miss obstacles on the road.

Minimizing distractions must be a priority when someone is driving. Things like finishing meals before starting the journey and answering calls only once you’re stopped can help. Unfortunately, not all drivers are going to avoid distractions while they drive.

Individuals who have been struck by a distracted driver might opt to file a legal claim for damages. These can include lost wages, medical care costs and other expenses that are attributed to the crash. Working closely with an experienced attorneys can help you seek the compensation you need and reduce the stress of dealing with this type of situation.

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