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Do I Need An Accident Reconstructionist In My Lawsuit?

Do I Need An Accident Reconstructionist In My Lawsuit?
Christian J. Amendt

An accident reconstructionist is someone who is highly trained in the field of accident reconstruction physics and engineering. In addition, he or she is usually in law enforcement.

The field of accident reconstruction involves a scientific approach and can answer questions about why and how an accident happened. Here are some questions about accident reconstruction so that you can determine if you need such an expert in your personal injury lawsuit against an at-fault driver.

Do I need an accident reconstructionist?

Do you need answers when it comes to the speed the vehicles were going, whether the accident could have been avoided, the severity of the collision and who was at fault? If so, then an accident reconstructionist can help determine how and why your accident occurred. Without this professional on the stand during your trial, you would simply be left to the interpretation of your accident by someone who was not an expert in the subject.

Whom do accident reconstructionists work for?

In most cases, these experts are retained by insurance companies, attorneys, law enforcement or fleet managers. Their business depends on the case’s merits, which ensures that they maintain an objective relationship.

What is needed to reconstruct a crash?

Accident reconstructionists use police accident reports, photos from the crash scene, statements from witnesses and photos of damaged vehicles. Hands-on inspections and evaluations provide the best opportunity for the most accurate report.

If you were in an accident with someone who was responsible for the accident, an experienced attorney can locate an accident reconstructionist to be used as an expert witness during trial.

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