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Do Men Or Women Cause More Car Accidents?

Do Men Or Women Cause More Car Accidents?
Christian J. Amendt

Have you ever wondered if gender has anything to do with car accidents? After all, we look at many other factors: Age, experience, road systems, types of vehicles and much more. These things all can contribute. Does gender play the same role?

Statistics suggest that it does. Per the National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA), female drivers cause around 4.4 million car accidents annually. Male drivers, on the other hand, cause about 6.1 million car crashes. This means it is far more common for men to be responsible for these wrecks than women.

Why does this happen? One reason could be that men just drive more than women. Studies have found that women average about 10,142 miles on the road every year, while men average more like 16,550. The more time spent in traffic, the more chances to make a mistake and the greater the odds of an accident.

However, experts have also put forth the idea that men are simply not as safe as women, especially when they are under 25 years old. They take more risks. They drive more aggressively. They may be more likely to do things like passing when there isn’t room and breaking the speed limit.

Of course, this isn’t true for all men or all women. But researches have found that, as a general trend, young men tend to engage in driving practices that cause accidents more often.

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