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Dog Bites May Cause Infections, Serious Complications

Dog Bites May Cause Infections, Serious Complications
Christian J. Amendt

California residents have a duty to watch their dogs and keep them from biting and injuring others. However, sometimes, pet owners neglect to take adequate care to prevent dog bites. When they do occur, they have the potential to lead to serious, potentially life-altering infections and complications.

Per Medical News Today, when a dog bites a human being, bacteria in that dog’s mouth may enter the person’s skin. While prompt washing may lower the risk of infection and associated complications, failing to do so may lead to a wide range of health issues.

Infections caused by dog bites

Dog bites may lead to infections such as sepsis, rabies and tetanus. A dog bite victim’s chance of experiencing a serious infection depends to some degree on how promptly and thoroughly the victim washes the wound after contact. Sometimes, these and other infections have the capacity to spread to other parts of the body.

Complications associated with dog bite infections

If a dog bites an individual on his or her hands or feet, the bite victim runs the risk of developing capnocytophaga, which, in some cases, may prove fatal. Symptoms of capnocytophaga include redness, swelling, fever and headache, among others. While, sometimes, a dog bite-related infection becomes apparent within a matter of hours, in other cases, it may take up to 14 days to become noticeable.

Dog bite victims may need to take antibiotics to reduce the chances of an infection. Anyone who experiences pain, redness, swelling or oozing after a dog bite may find it beneficial to seek immediate medical treatment.

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