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Dog Bites On Private Property

Dog Bites On Private Property
Christian J. Amendt

If you were recently bitten by a dog, you could have a wide range of hardships to work through. From scarring and an infected wound to mental trauma and financial problems, these incidents are often serious and cause a great deal of harm. However, some victims are unsure of their rights and do not know whether they can take legal action against the owner of a vicious dog in the wake of an attack.

It is very important to review the law in California and go over your options if you are struggling with the consequences of a dog bite.

Are owners liable for dog bites that occur in private places?

According to the California Legislative Information’s website, dog owners are liable for attacks that occur when people are bitten in public places as well as private places, so long as they are lawfully present. In fact, dog owners are responsible for these incidents regardless of whether they are aware of a dog’s viciousness. There are certain situations when dog bite victims are unable to seek damages for the consequences of a dog bite, such as those attacked by a dog during an arrest for a violent crime while the dog is trying to defend itself.

Standing up for your rights after an attack

Sometimes, dog owners try to make excuses to avoid responsibility for a dog bite, such as those who claim that they had no idea the dog would bite someone or wrongly blame a victim for the attack. If you are suffering after a dog bite, you need to review your rights with a personal injury lawyer.

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