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Driver Safety Systems Can Prevent Crashes

Driver Safety Systems Can Prevent Crashes
Christian J. Amendt

When visiting a California car dealer, you may be faced with a choice of whether to pay more for certain advanced safety features. Statistics show that these driver features may reduce your chances of being in a car crash. However, they will add to the cost of buying and owning the vehicle.

The market for these systems is growing

Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are found in many more vehicles these days. Chances are they will be even more prevalent in the future as the market for these systems in expected to triple by 2030. There is a near-unanimous view that they help prevent accidents. However, studies differ about the amount of crashes that they prevent. One study shows that ADAS reduce bodily injury insurance claims by 27% and property damage claims by 19% Other studies show that they reduce crashes by 3.5%. Even this smaller number would prevent thousands of accidents each year.

ADAS can cost you much extra

What is also undisputed is that ADAS can be expensive. They can add thousands of dollars on to the purchase price of your car. In addition, they can also increase the repair bill if you are in an accident because the complicated sensors are difficult to replace. While insurance would cover that bill, if they break on their own, you lose the benefit of these systems if you do not spend the extra money necessary to fix them. The increased cost of repair is why insurance companies are not giving their customers a break on premiums when they have these safety features.

You may still end up in an accident even with these safety features. If you have been hurt, your personal injury attorney could help you receive the compensation necessary to pay you back for the harm you suffered. The attorney may file the claim with your insurance company and negotiate on your behalf as the insurance rarely makes their best offer initially.

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