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Family Sues City Of Pomona Over Festival Death

Family Sues City Of Pomona Over Festival Death
Christian J. Amendt

The family of a young woman who died while attending a music festival at the Los Angeles County fairgrounds last year has filed suit seeking unspecified damages. The suit names multiple defendants, including Live Nation Entertainment Inc., Los Angeles County, the Los Angeles County Fair Association, security agency Staff Pro Inc. and the city of Pomona. The charges brought against them are for wrongful death, negligence, premises liability. The young woman died after overdosing on the controversial drug “Bath Salts” while attending a rave the first day of HARD Summer Music Festival 2015.

The suit alleges that the defendants should have reasonably known that dangerous substances such as Ecstasy and Bath Salts would be broadly consumed on the premises during the event. According to the suit, they “turned a blind eye to the known risks in order to capitalize on teenagers and young adults who believed they were attending a safe party environment” all under the de facto sanction of the city of Pomona.

Further claims of the suit propose that those attending the festival were doing so with the understanding that they would have access to appropriate levels of security and emergency medical care. While the festival was attended by roughly 65,000 individuals, the facilities only featured four medical care stations on the premises. The suit also states that the medical staff that treated the young woman were not properly trained to meet her medical needs.

The wrongful death or injury of a loved one in a place where one hopes for an exciting, enjoyable experience is always tragic. If you have suffered injury or the loss of a loved one, possibly though the negligence of a responsible party, you deserve excellent representation by an attorney who will consider the specifics of your loss and your needs, while fighting to have your claims fairly compensated.

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