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Hold Inattentive Drivers Accountable For Their Actions

Hold Inattentive Drivers Accountable For Their Actions
Christian J. Amendt

Pomona drivers never get in their cars expecting to be involved in a car accident. Certainly, we take every precaution on the road, drive safely and attentively, and follow traffic laws to avoid a crash, but not everyone else does. Sometimes people are irresponsible, accidents happen, and there is nothing we can do to prevent them.

With the rise of smartphones, it seems that the risks of getting into a car crash are even higher. So many drivers are multitasking while weaving through traffic — updating their Facebook statuses, posting to their Twitter accounts, and texting with friends. This is a recipe for disaster. So many fatal crashes are happening due to inattentive drivers and largely these drivers are getting away with it.

At the Law Offices of Christian J. Amendt, we are particularly interested in helping people hold inattentive drivers accountable for their crimes — and it is indeed a crime to drive a vehicle while operating a cellphone. People who text-while-drive and cause a fatal or injurious crash will be criminally prosecuted by the state, and they can be civilly responsible to their victims.

If any kind of car crash happens as a result of driver’s negligence or illegal activity, and it results in death or injury to other individuals, these injured persons and their families could have strong legal claims to pursue financial restitution in court. Not only is the process of pursuing civil claims against negligent and reckless drivers important for paying the medical bills and financial costs incurred by accident victims, but it is also an important way to deter these and other drivers from acting irresponsibly in the future.