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Hot Weather Means More Motor Vehicle Accidents

Hot Weather Means More Motor Vehicle Accidents
Christian J. Amendt

Summertime is nearly here, and law enforcement officials are hunkering down for the most dangerous 100 days of the year on California roads. More motor vehicle accidents happen during the summer – and many of these directly affect vulnerable groups like motorcycle riders. Experts say that an uptick in the number of distracted drivers could be to blame for increased fatality and accident rates among the motorcyclist population in the state.

Reports show that a rising number of motorcyclist fatalities are plaguing the nation, with one major metro in the Midwest claiming three motorcycle accidents on a single Saturday in May. More crashes are happening on city streets than on freeways, which leads some experts to believe that distracted driving could be playing a role. Negligent drivers in cars and trucks are often to blame for motorcycle fatalities because they simply did not see the victim.

So, what should drivers do to protect motorcyclists? First, make sure that you avoid a fatal motorcycle accident by keeping your eyes on the road. Too many victims die because of the negligence of another driver – and, too often, today’s crashes are caused by texting or talking and driving. Distracted drivers have no place on California roads, particularly because of our tough, hands-free cellphone laws.

Victims who have been harmed because of someone else’s negligence deserve financial compensation. Motorcyclists may be eligible for damages based on medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and a variety of other claims. Those victims may face resistance from insurance companies or at-fault drivers, but a team of attorneys can help victims protect their legal rights and seek the money they need to return life to normal.

Source: WXYZ, “Police warn of distracted driving as deadly motorcycle accidents increase,” Jennifer Wilson, May 29, 2017

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