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How Can I Ride My Bicycle Safely At Night?

How Can I Ride My Bicycle Safely At Night?
Christian J. Amendt

While it’s much safer to ride a bicycle during the day, some riders travel the streets at night for many different reasons. In this case, you must take the proper safety steps to protect yourself, as there is a very real chance that you won’t be seen by other motorists. Cleveland Clinic offers the following information to keep bicyclists safe and secure no matter what.

Bike lights are key for nighttime riding. Even if you don the proper reflective safety gear, which you should at all times, you must go the extra mile by outfitting your bicycle with the proper lighting system. Lights should be affixed to the front and rear of the bike and should be bright enough to signal your presence in extreme low-light situations. Along with reflective gear, choose lighter colored clothing when riding at night to further increase visibility.

Also, try to steer clear of busy roads at night. Instead, look for smaller streets with less traffic to increase safety. You also want to travel on roads that are well-lit on their own so other vehicles are more likely to see you. Dark backroads can be deadly for bicyclists, as a vehicle might not notice you until it’s too late to stop. In some cases, it’s better to walk your bicycle on the sidewalk or away from the road until you return to a safer area.

You can even find a technological solution to nighttime safety for bicyclists. There are devices that can be affixed to a bike that provide a radar image of the surrounding area. In this case, the screen shows when a vehicle is approaching from behind so a bicyclist can get out of the way if necessary. People on bikes at night should also be hyper aware of their surroundings at all times. A bit of defensive driving can go a long way in this case.

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