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How Can You Choose The Right Helmet?

How Can You Choose The Right Helmet?
Christian J. Amendt

Before you hit the road, your helmet should be one of your first considerations. While riding may give you a sense of freedom, keep in mind that you are more vulnerable than drivers in passenger vehicles. The right helmet can save you from severe traumatic brain injuries and even death due to a motorcycle accident.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, every person has their own fit.

How to pick the right helmet size

When choosing a helmet, take your head shape into consideration. Helmets come in various shapes to fit your head. Keep in mind your head shape is not the same as your face shape. Use a mirror to look down at your head or ask a friend to look down at your head and determine if you have a long oval, round oval or intermediate oval shape.

Your helmet should not move on your head. Correct helmets feel a little tight. They should apply even pressure without being uncomfortable.

How to pick a safe helmet

Before you choose a helmet, look for the DOT symbol on the back. The NHTSA uses the DOT symbol to confirm a helmet meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

While the NHTSA does not approve helmets, it relies on self-certification. The NHTSA performs random tests on helmets to determine if they meet the standard. They consider consumer complaints when it comes to testing helmet standards.

When choosing a helmet, be careful of novelty helmets. Stores can sell novelty helmets and they do not protect in the case of an accident.

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