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How Can You Control Credit Card Spending After An Accident?

How Can You Control Credit Card Spending After An Accident?
Christian J. Amendt

Due to a recent injury because of an accident, you are not able to work. This has deprived you of wages for a time, and you are hoping you can claim your lost wages in your current personal injury case. Until then, you may worry that expenses like racking up too much credit card debt may damage your financial health.

If you want to control your credit card spending, there are ways to do it. Limiting your credit card bills may give you peace of mind while your personal injury case proceeds.

Use overspending apps

The Motley Fool explains that if you want to keep your credit card balance below a certain amount, you can stay alert to what you spend by using budgeting apps. Determine your limit and set the app accordingly. When you charge your credit card, you should receive a notification if your spending is approaching your limit. This may relieve pressure to constantly check your current card balance.

Be aware that almost every major credit card provider has a mobile app. You might find you can download a mobile app from your card issuer into your phone to track your spending.

Use just one credit card

If you have multiple cards, consider just using one card while you are not working. Using all of your cards may make it harder to keep track of all your spending. With one card, you just have one card to focus on. You might choose the card that gives you the best rewards system or the best cashback rate.

Ask your card issuer for assistance

Credit card companies are aware that their customers may run into financial problems. If you have problems paying your bills because of your injury, see if your card company has hardship programs that may help you. You might also ask if the card could give you more favorable interest rates or other help for a time while you recover.

You should not have to worry about mounting debt while seeking your lost wages. A few tips like these may improve your situation enough for you to get through it without a significant financial burden.

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