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How Dirty Is That Public Pool?

How Dirty Is That Public Pool?
Christian J. Amendt

As Pomona residents segue from spring to summer, it’s a good idea to consider whether safety precautions and protocols are in place at your family’s favorite swimming pool.

If you are the owner of a pool or spa, you are probably familiar with the term “attractive nuisance.” Many homeowners’ policies and/or riders refer to backyard hot tubs and swimming pools as such because of the liability they pose to curious children.

To avoid tragic accidents from occurring, it’s incumbent on homeowners to properly secure their pools and spas behind locked fences and gates. The fence should be four feet tall or greater.

But don’t stop there. Equipping the pool with alarms to alert parents and homeowners that a child or pet has fallen into the pool can reduce the risk of drownings. This is especially important when the exterior wall of the home forms the fourth wall around the pool.

It’s also wise to remove any ladders into above-ground pools when they are not in use. Have flotation devices on ropes or a shepherd’s hook on hand to toss or extend to anyone who’s struggling in the water.

Make sure that all drains and filtration systems are covered securely. Both children and adults have been eviscerated after coming into contact with uncovered drains.

If you are swimming in a public pool with others, make sure that the pool is being properly maintained and cleaned regularly. There are a host of nasty bugs that you can pick up in contaminated pools. Spas are even more dangerous, as the higher temperatures are conducive to growth of bacteria.

Were you injured or sickened after swimming in a pool or soaking in a hot tub? You may be able to pursue a successful premises liability claim.

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