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How Do Helmets Affect Head Injury?

How Do Helmets Affect Head Injury?
Christian J. Amendt

Motorcyclists understand the elevated risk that riding an uncovered vehicle can bring about, especially in comparison to their covered counterparts. In particular, injuries to the head and neck rank as a top priority and prompt riders everywhere to strap on a helmet.

But how much do helmets affect the rate of head injuries? This information could benefit motorcyclists across the board.

Percentage of injury reduction

The National Library of Medicine examines how helmets impact head injuries in different ways. First, helmets do not protect from all head injuries equally. Cerebral contusions saw a 71 percent reduction, and by comparison, intracranial hemorrhages saw a 53 percent reduction. Skull fractures dipped down by 69 percent, as well.

This shows three things right off the bat. One: helmets do not offer 100 percent foolproof protection from any sort of injury. Two: some injuries still have a higher likelihood of happening than others, even while wearing the helmet. And three: even if the protections it offers have room for improvement, wearing a helmet is still better than nothing.

Why helmets are crucial

Even a 53 percent reduction in the chance of a serious injury is 53 percent more than what a rider would have without any helmet whatsoever. Thus, to this day, wearing a helmet is the best way to cut down on the chances of suffering from any sort of injury to the head, brain or skull.

It is crucial to understand that this is not full protection, though. All motorcyclists should still hit the road with defensive and cautious driving, keeping an eye out for any potential hazards that might put their health at risk.

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