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How To Choose The Right Temporary Wheelchair

How To Choose The Right Temporary Wheelchair
Christian J. Amendt

Some people must use a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. However, you may only need a wheelchair for a temporary period while you recover from surgery or another health condition. Safety is still a crucial factor as you choose the type of wheelchair you want to use. 

Picking the right wheelchair may help you avoid an accident that could further damage your health or result in your death. Avacaremedical offers some tips to help you choose a temporary wheelchair that will serve you well. 

Consider your upper body strength

If your upper body is in good shape, you may benefit from exercise by using a manual wheelchair. However, not all wheelchair users have the upper body strength to propel their chairs. So even if you plan to use a wheelchair for a few weeks, you may need a self-propelling chair if you cannot turn the wheels yourself. 

Consider the wheelchair frame

If wheelchair support is a concern, ask about the material used in making a wheelchair before you buy one. If you want a chair that will offer greater support, a steel chair may be what you need. However, if you possess a lighter build and/or you desire maneuverability, you may benefit from a wheelchair made of lighter material. 

Consider where to use your wheelchair

It also matters where you want to use your wheelchair. Some people need one to get around a house or building without going outside. But if you plan on traveling down sidewalks and crosswalks, you will need a wheelchair equipped to handle concrete pavements and terrain you may find in your neighborhood. Some people go as far as to buy an all-terrain wheelchair for outdoor use. 

Experience can also be an issue

You may also benefit from asking people who understand wheelchair use for advice. As a temporary wheelchair user, you might rush to buy a chair without asking questions that could reveal defects or deficiencies in use. Be careful and do not allow your lack of experience to hamper you from getting the safest wheelchair possible. Also, getting pointers from someone who knows how to use a chair in potentially dangerous situations may help you avoid injury from an accident. 

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