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How To Safely Operate A Vehicle Near Large Trucks

How To Safely Operate A Vehicle Near Large Trucks
Christian J. Amendt

Driving on the roads of California can be extremely stressful due to the high volume of traffic. A large portion of the vehicles on the roads of Pomona are trucks, or tractor-trailers. Driving near a large truck can be dangerous and frustrating. Here are some tips for safely operating your car near a large truck.

Give all large trucks plenty of room to make turns. This is especially important when sitting at an intersection. Do not approach the white line when you see a truck coming from the opposite direction wanting to make a turn. The more room you leave, the less likely it is that the truck will hit your car as it makes the turn.

Do not drive in the blind spots of a truck. The worst blind spots of a truck are on either side. If you are driving next to a truck, be sure to see the driver of the truck in the truck’s mirror. If you cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s mirror, it is highly likely the driver will not be able to see your vehicle.

Tailgating in general is something you should never do when operating a vehicle. It is even more important when driving behind a truck. A truck driver will not be able to see you behind him or her if you are following too close. Leave yourself plenty of room behind a truck to stop should the truck come to an abrupt stop. Some of the most tragic accidents involve smaller vehicles slamming into the rear of large trucks.

When passing a truck, make sure you leave yourself plenty of room. Never pass a truck without enough room because it can cause the truck to clip the back of your vehicle. If you can spot the driver in your mirror, it is clear to pass the truck.

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