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How To Spot A Drunk Driver In California

How To Spot A Drunk Driver In California
Christian J. Amendt

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a big problem on the roads of California. So long as people continue to make poor decisions, this will be a problem, no matter how much of an effort law enforcement officials make to curb it. Here’s how you can spot a drunk driver in Pomona.

One of the most common signs of a drunk driver is that he or she responds slowly to a traffic signal. Most drivers wait three seconds after a traffic light turns from red to green before proceeding into the intersection. If the driver in front of you waits longer than that to proceed, he or she might be inebriated. This means that their cognitive abilities are impaired and they have yet to process that the light has changed colors.

Another common sign of a drunk driver in California is that the driver uses signals that are inconsistent with their driving. For example, they routinely activate their right turn signal on a highway that has no right-hand exits for miles. Or, they activate their right signal and then move into the lane to the left of them. This is a clear-cut sign that there could be a problem with the driver.

When you come across a vehicle at nighttime without any headlights on you could be near a drunk driver. Nowadays most vehicles have features where the lights come on at dusk automatically. There are still some cars that require the driver turn the headlights on so be on the lookout for this sign too.

If you come across any driver exhibiting these signs it’s imperative that you contact authorities immediately. Never try to pass such a driver or get them to pull off the side of the road.

Drunk driving accidents are tragic, scary, emotional and can leave years of scars, both physical and mental. Contact our firm in Pomona to discuss your case and find out how you can obtain reimbursement for injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident.